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5 Family Recipes That Keep Me Close to Home

I last visited the US in December 2018 for Christmas. I had just finished culinary school, and could only spend a short week there before heading back to Spain.  I would never have guessed it would be 2+ years before I’d visit again. Since moving to Spain in 2009,...
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5 Things I’m Loving in the US

Before visiting the US I always make a quick list of what I want to do and, more importantly, what I want to eat. Some of the choices (like clam chowder and bagels) are predictable and respectably deserving of anyone’s “need to eat while home” list. Other things (such...
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My Top 7 Summer Picks in Boston

As summer quickly approaches it seems like most of my expat friends are busy making plans for their summer trips back to the US. I normally visit the US in summer too– but this year I’ll be spending all summer here in Spain, and hopefully visiting my stateside friends...
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Best Ever Banana Bread Pudding

Banana Bread Pudding: A Quick Homemade Dessert Anyone Can Make! Source I credit my wonderful mother for countless good things in my life, but I blame her for my terrible sweet tooth. Growing up with her delicious cakes, cookies, and pies there was no way to avoid loving buttery...
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Explaining American Cuisine

Expats often have the fun task of explaining very complicated things about their home country to people with very little knowledge (and often a lot of prejudice) about the subject. This is an article I’ve written for my new website, Recetas Americanas, a site where I try my best...
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