6 Spots for Live Music in Granada You Need to Check Out

6 Spots for Live Music in Granada You Need to Check Out

As home to a unique local culture as well as a vibrant international crowd, Granada is full of diverse forms of entertainment any night of the week. And if there’s one universal pleasure, it might just be enjoying a spectacular live performance, drink in hand, with friends. Sound like a great idea? Here are some of the best places to catch live music in Granada for an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy a staple of nightlife in Malaga when you check out a concert at Tennessee!
There’s always a concert to enjoy in Granada. Photo credit: Vidar Schiefloe

Top Spots for Live Music in Granada

1. Bohemia Jazz Cafe

This local favorite is a must for any visitor to Granada, whether or not you plan to catch a show. By day, Bohemia Jazz Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Granada, filled with granadinos sipping milkshakes and enjoying crepes. By night, though, it becomes the place to hear live music in Granada. Multiple nights a week, you can enjoy a wide variety of styles, from jazz to Latin music and more.

AddressPlaza de Lobos, 11

Bohemia Jazz Cafe is home to amazing live music in Granada. Their crepes are second to none, too!
By day, you can enjoy amazing crepes at Bohemia Jazz Cafe!

2. Lemon Rock

Yes, Lemon Rock is a hostel. However, its quirky bar is popular among locals and visitors alike, making for a diverse crowd, and the modern, industrial decor make it a one-of-a-kind place to see a show. Its stage setup might make it the most unique place to see live music in Granada: the stage itself is small, in the middle of an internal atrium surrounded by balconies on each floor. You can even enjoy the show from up above! The musical acts are high quality, little-known talents that will take your breath away.

AddressCalle Montalbán, 6

Catch awesome jazz performances and more when you head out to enjoy live music in Granada!
Nothing beats seeing an amazing jazz ensemble play live! Photo credit: Javier Parra

3. Boogaclub

Ready to dance? At Boogaclub, you can enjoy live music in Granada while getting your groove on every day of the week—until 7 in the morning! Their live performances have wonderful variety—enjoy everything from funk, reggae, soul, hip hop and more. Head there on Sunday for a weekly jam session, or if you happen to be in town on a Wednesday, stop by for unique reggae performances.

AddressSanta Bárbara, 3

Enjoy amazing live music in Granada at nightclub Boogaclub!
Seeing live music in Granada is an experience you won’t soon forget! Photo credit: Chris Wang

4. La Tertulia

The appropriately named La Tertulia (in Spanish, a tertulia refers to a gathering of artists and intellectuals) has been a staple on the Granada cultural scene since 1980. Besides being one of the most incredible venues for live music in Granada, they also showcase poetry readings, theater performances, workshops and more. There’s always something going on—stop by and check it out!

AddressCalle Pintor López Mezquita, 3

5. Cafe Pub La Libería

From blues and acoustic performances to jawdropping flamenco shows, La Libería has it all. This no-frills venue has an unpretentious, friendly vibe, and walking in feels like entering a bar you’ve been going to your whole life. If hearing some of the best live music in Granada isn’t enough, they also have quite a few pool tables and even host chess tournaments!

AddressCalle Duquesa, 8

La Librería is home to some of the best live music in Granada, including authentic flamenco performances.
Head to La Libería to hear amazing (authentic!) flamenco music!

6. Bella Kurva

In addition to being home to some especially incredible craft beer, Bella Kurva also hosts some of the best live music in Granada. The unique decor and international fusion tapas make it stand out as one of the city’s most diverse hangouts. The lovely outdoor terrace is packed on any given night with granadinos enjoying a beer or two—grab a table and join them!

AddressCalle San Jerónimo, 19

Bella Kurva is one of our favorite places to hear live music in Granada. Their craft beer selection can't be beat, either!
Enjoy amazing craft beer while listening to live music at Bella Kurva.

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Listening to live music in Granada can take your travel experience from "good" to "absolutely unforgettable." Here's where to catch the best shows in town.

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