Where to Eat Near the Alhambra: 5 Authentic Spots Locals Love

Where to Eat Near the Alhambra: 5 Authentic Spots Locals Love

See those tacky tourist traps with giant, sun-faded pictures of paella? Walk right past those! You see, like any major attraction in Spain, the Alhambra is surrounded by restaurants catering specifically to tourists. That usually means high prices and low quality. However, there are also plenty of authentic hidden gems—you might just have to look a little harder. If you’re not sure where to eat near the Alhambra, consider one of these spots that are sure to please both locals and visitors alike.

Spending 7 days in Granada will make you very familiar with its most famous sight: the Alhambra.
Who hasn’t fallen in love with the Alhambra?

Where to Eat near the Alhambra in Granada


1. La Mimbre

If you’re wondering where to eat near the Alhambra, look no further than La Mimbre. This spectacular restaurant boasts an unbeatable location inside the complex itself! Feast on traditional Andalusian delicacies such as oxtail stew and habas con jamón with a personal, innovative touch. If the weather is nice, be sure to sit outside on the beautiful terrace. While not the cheapest dining option, the quality fits the price.

AddressPaseo del Generalife, 18

Not sure where to eat near the Alhambra? Head straight to La Mimbre and try the habas con jamón!
It doesn’t get more delicious than habas con jamón! Photo credit: Jennifer Woodard Maderazo

2. Jardines Alberto

Humble Mediterranean cooking in a spectacular setting awaits you at Jardines Alberto. Located in a beautiful 19th-century home, this incredible restaurant is just steps away from the Generalife gardens. Enjoy delicious homemade recipes straight from the menu del día (locals’ favorite way to eat lunch out: two courses, bread, a drink and dessert all for one low price!). If you’re not sure where to eat near the Alhambra that would fit nicely into your itinerary, this is the place to be.

AddressPaseo de la Sabica, 1

Not sure where to eat near the Alhambra? You don't need to go too far! Jardines de Alberto is just a stone's throw from the Generalife.
You’ll love Jardines de Alberto for its unbeatable location right near the Generalife.

3. Restaurante Hotel Guadalupe

A stunningly large picture window across the hotel façade of Hotel Guadalupe will help you remember that you’re dining in the shadow of one of the most spectacular monuments in the world. The restaurant at this hotel is popular both for its proximity to the Alhambra as well as for its rich Andalusian cuisine. The spacious dining room is quiet and peaceful, making it the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant, relaxing lunch or dinner if you’re wondering where to eat near the Alhambra that isn’t too noisy.

AddressPaseo de la Sabica, 30

Not sure where to eat near the Alhambra? Check out the restaurant at Hotel Guadalupe for delicious food in a laid-back setting.
Share a relaxing meal with friends after visiting the Alhambra!

4. Las Tomasas

In addition to its wonderful terrace with spectacular Alhambra views, Las Tomasas prides itself on quality. All of their dishes are prepared with seasonal ingredients fresh from the market, making it a truly local establishment. Its simple elegance is classy yet unpretentious and the friendly staff will immediately make you feel at home. Accompany your meal with a selection from their extensive wine list for the best experience!

AddressCarril de San Agustín, 4

Want to know where to eat near the Alhambra that has spectacular views? Head to the terrace at Las Tomasas!
You can’t beat those views!

5. Mirador de Morayma

Tucked away into the ancient Moorish quarter known as the Albayzín, you’ll find this wonderful little restaurant set in a typical Granada-style house. If you’re wondering where to eat in Granada for not just Andalusian but also granadino dishes, Mirador de Morayma is the place to be. Their menu is almost exclusively dedicated to typical foods from Granada, such as the famous tortilla de Sacromonte. Be sure to try their own organic wine, produced in vineyards near the Alpujarras!

AddressCalle Pianista García Carrillo, 2

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