Where to Eat Near the Malaga Cruise Port: 6 Great Local Spots

Where to Eat Near the Malaga Cruise Port: 6 Great Local Spots

This blog post was originally posted on June 9th, 2016 and was updated on November 30th, 2017.

The port of Malaga is your first stop if you’re visiting the Costa del Sol capital on your cruise, but the best news is that it’s a great part of town to enjoy in its own right. Rebuilt in 2011, Malaga’s port—officially named Muelle Uno—has become a great place to visit in order to soak up the seaside atmosphere, walk around in the sun, pop into the little shops, and of course, grab a bite to eat. And if you want to explore a little further, there are some great places to discover that are located only 10 or so minutes walk away. To make your vacation planning smoother than ever, here’s where to eat near the Malaga cruise port!

Where to Eat Near the Malaga Cruise Port

1. Jose Carlos Garcia Restaurante

If you are a fan of fine dining, this restaurant is the place for you. Jose Carlos Garica, its owner and namesake, was named “Best Chef of Andalusia” in 2009, among other various awards and recognitions. And there’s a good reason why—his Michelin star restaurant at Muelle Uno is the place to go for a wonderful and unique dining experience.

With only six tables inside, the atmosphere is intimate and relaxed, the menu is interesting, and the views of the city are wonderful, to top it off. Go here for dinner to see the beautiful views of the city center all lit up at night.

Address: Plaza de la Capilla, 1

Not sure where to eat near the Malaga cruise port? The port itself is a great location with stunning views of the water and monuments!
View over the city center from the Malaga port. Photo Credit: Antonio

2. Kaleido

Located at the start of Muelle Uno, Kaleido is a modern looking bar made out of glass which just so happens to have a great view over the most iconic part of the Malaga cruise port: the big white overhead structure that decorates the boulevard. It’s the perfect place for having a drink, people watching, and just watching the world go by.

The best things to order here are their great cocktails, so take a break from the warm Malaga sun, sit down under one of the big umbrellas on the terrace, and just simply enjoy the atmosphere—sometimes there’s even live music playing.

Address: Palmeral de las Sorpresas, 2

Not sure where to eat near the Malaga cruise port? Kaleido serves these fantastic cocktails!
Colorful, refreshing cocktails in Malaga – Photo Credit: David Kenny

3. Chiringuito La Farola

La Malagueta is Malaga’s city beach, located not too far from the port. Just head around the corner by the white lighthouse and you’ll find it—and what can be better than enjoying lunch with a view of the ocean?!

Chiringuitos are little beach bars that sell amazing fresh food, and Chiringuito La Farola is the first one you’ll see. Little boat barbecues outside the bar grill delicious skewers with all kinds of fish and seafood, including the local favorite: espetos de sardinas. These skewers with little sardines only cost a few euros, so relax, kick off your shoes, and have a bite to eat with your toes in the sand.

Address: Paseo de la Farola, 18

Want to know where to eat near the Malaga cruise port? Go to the beach for this tasty fried fish with lemon!
Espetos: one of Malaga’s iconic dishes!

4. Toro Spanish Taste

If you’re wondering where to eat near the Malaga cruise port, want to stay at Muelle Uno, and are after some Spanish food, the place to go is Toro Spanish Taste. Sit down to a nice meal of traditional Spanish food, prepared in a modern and creative way.

Inside the restaurant you’ll find interesting decorations, such as wooden bulls hanging on the walls, reminding you that you really are in southern Spain. If you want to breathe in the fresh seaside air, there is a large terrace for al fresco dining.

Address: Paseo de la Farola, Muelle Uno, 65

Not sure where to eat near the Malaga cruise port? A place with this lovely view over the port is perfect!
The beautiful view over the Malaga cruise port. Photo Credit: Ayuntamiento de Malaga

5. Antigua Casa de Guardia

About a 10 to 15 minute walk from the Malaga cruise port, you’ll find the most authentic place for drinking Malaga’s own sweet wine. Antigua Casa de Guardia is the oldest wine bar in the city and always filled with locals. People come here before they visit the local market to have a sweet Malaga wine and some simple tapas.

Squeeze in and prop yourself up at the bar, then order yourself a drink from the 21 barrels filled with different types of wine, varying from very sweet (Moscatel) to dry (Seco). The friendly barmen will help you choose the right one for you!

Address: Alameda Principal, 18

The oldest wine bar in Malaga is a great place if you are looking for where to eat near the Malaga cruise port
Little wine glasses at the oldest wine bar in Malaga. Photo Credit: Dorte  

6. La Taberna del Pintxo

Heading to the city center down Calle Larios? You’ll almost pass right by La Taberna del Pintxo. As the name suggests, this bar specializes in pintxos, which are Northern Spain’s answer to tapas and usually come served on a piece of bread with a skewer holding it all together (after all, the word pintxo comes from the Spanish verb pinchar, which means to pierce!)

The waiters walk around with trays of pintxos, so just pick the ones you like the look of and keep all the sticks—your bill is calculated at the end based on the number of sticks that you have!

Address: Calle Alarcón Luján, 12

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