5 Must-Try Wine Bars in Santiago de Compostela to Drink Like a Local

5 Must-Try Wine Bars in Santiago de Compostela to Drink Like a Local

Some of the finest seafood, cheeses and wine in the world are exported from Galicia, but the locals love to boast that they keep the best for themselves! Therefore, it would practically be a crime not to take advantage of all the superb local wine at your disposal. Home to five of Spain’s most prolific wine regions, Galicia will keep you sniffing, swishing and sipping throughout your visit. These 5 must-try wine bars in Santiago de Compostela will help get you started.


wine bars in Santiago de Compostela
Nothing beats enjoying a nice glass of wine with good friends.

The top wine bars in Santiago de Compostela

1. Café-Bar La Flor

The perfect place to guzzle down coffee during the day, La Flor moonlights as a cool wine bar. The mellow music, quirky decor and friendly atmosphere create the perfect setting to try a local wine. Usually you’ll receive a free tapa, but you can also order one of their delicious toasts.

Address: Rúa das Casas Reais, 25

The Martin Codax winery has wonderful views of the sea and is the perfect place to learn more about Galician wines.
Wine bars in Santiago—the perfect place to try Galician wine!

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2. Bicoca

Down the street from La Flor, this lovely wine bar offers a hand-picked selection of Galicia’s best wines. Try some of the elegantly simple dishes on offer to accompany them. The warm ambiance inside and their fantastic outdoor terrace make this one of the must-try wine bars in Santiago de Compostela.

Address: Rúa de Entremuros, 4

Local tip: Albariño, Godello and Mencía are the most common grapes grown in Galician vineyards. Their flavors can, of course, vary depending on what region they’re grown in. For example, an Albariño from the coastal Rías Baixas vineyards will have a more aromatic, mineral and citrus flavor than an Albariño from the more arid Monterrei region.

3. O Filandon

A deli at the front and a bar in the back, this narrow stone-walled tavern has the feeling of a cozy wine cellar. They offer an excellent selection of Galicia’s essential wines and serve up a tasty tapa with each glass. Cozy up next to the fireplace, write a love letter to Santiago on a napkin and pin it up on the wall with the others.

Address: Rúa da Acibechería, 6

We've got our top picks for wine bars in Santiago you just can't miss!
There’s so much to love about Galician wine—which stop will you choose from these must-try wine bars in Santiago de Compostela?!

4. La Bodeguilla de San Roque

This bustling bodega is a hit with the locals and one of the most authentic wine bars in Santiago de Compostela. Their extensive wine selection makes this a great place to try a few new varieties. Pair your samplings with any of the homestyle raciones (shared platters) on offer.

Address: Rúa de San Roque, 13

5. A Moa

The elegant and rustic A Moa is many things, including a delightful wine bar. Head upstairs, order a glass of wine and help yourself to some tapas from the buffet. Grab a seat at the back and enjoy the views of the garden and the outskirts of the Old Town.

Address: Rúa de San Pedro, 32

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