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5 Reasons to Vacation in Spain (Even When You Already Live There)!

Semana Santa is officially here and for many of us living in Spain (and in other countries too) that means vacation time! Many of my fellow expats have chosen to spend the holiday abroad—in gorgeous places like Turkey, Greece, Portugal, and Italy… but I made the wise decision to stay put right here in Spain.

Why, you ask? In the age of cheap flights and decent hostels, why wouldn’t I venture out of Spain to explore the rest of the continent? Well, as tempting as it was, I’m convinced that staying here was the best choice for me—and maybe a good idea for your next trip too!

1. It’s Cost Effective: I won’t deceive you– cost was definitely a factor in deciding to spend Semana Santa in Spain instead of, perhaps Thailand or Vietnam (two places I’m dying to visit by the way)! I realize that with low cost airlines and a bit of planning in advance it could also have been really budget friendly to have explored another European destination, but considering that prices usually go through the roof around this time we decided to make it easy on ourselves and seek out some very off the path destinations here in Spain for our last minute holidays.

2. Airline Strikes: It seems like every day we hear reports of another airline canceling flights, striking, or even closing down! Recently, Iberia has been canceling flights on a daily basis due to their strikes. There is nothing worse than having your travel plans affected by airline drama, and we decided that traveling by bus and train would be a safer and more comfortable option.

3. Weather: The beginning of April is a funny time for the weather in most countries around Europe (Spain included). If you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to warm days and sunshine. But if you aren’t (or if you travel to some Northern European destinations) you’ll have to endure the remnants of cold winter weather—with bitter temperatures and lots of rain! Here in Spain we’ve been lucky so far; while we have seen a shower or two, the temperature has stayed warm and it definitely feels like Spring! The forecast for the end of the week in Cadiz is sunshine and beach temperatures—fingers crossed!

4. Keeping our Euro in Spain: Everyone knows that Spain is struggling and small business owners are fighting to pay their bills. I love spending my money in Spain and supporting local businesses. Everytime I go out to eat or  stay in a small Spanish hotel I know that I am helping the economy in some small way.

5. Countless Places to See: Have you really seen Spain? I know I haven’t—and I’ve been living here for three years now! Spain is extremely diverse and almost every region boasts countless things to see and do, as well as typical foods and drinks to try. You’d have to dedicate a long time to traveling around this country to really be able to say that you’ve seen it all! For this trip we focused on Extremadura, and now plan to shoot back down to Cadiz, where we have already been but always enjoy. I miss the beach!

If you aren’t convinced that staying in Spain makes sense for your next vacation take a look at the photo evidence—now tell me that your trip was better! 🙂 

A Semana Santa Procession in Trujillo
The Castle in Trujillo
The View of the Extremadura Countryside
Delicious Migas
Carrillada Stuffed with Chorizo
Gorgeous Cáceres
In the Roman Theater, Mérida
Ale and the Roman Aquaduct, Mérida

What is your favorite picture?


  1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for the post. We’re heading to Extremadura and Cordoba tomorrow, so couldn’t have come at a better time! Enjoy your trip!

    1. Lauren,
      I agree that Spain has many great travel destinations. My wife’s mother is from Trujillo, and her father is from Caceres, so I am familiar with that area. Every time we went to Spain to visit her family (now in Madrid), we would take side trip. Except for Portugal, we never left Spain, and we never had to. The last time we went to Santiago de Compostela. It was beautiful.

  2. Mmmmmm, totally had migas this week – so delicious! You were smart, girlie, I’ll admit! We went to Paris for the first few days of break, and were met with the huelga general on the way out (flight ended up being postponed to the following day), and a French strike on the way back in (flight was postponed 4 hours – thank God for airport beer).

  3. I agree. There is so much to see in Spain and a great place to explore! Though I won’t deny I was happy I was able to have a 10 day getaway to Morocco!

  4. My buddy and I are going to Europe next summer and this post really got me pumped to visit Spain! I always love hearing from fellow bloggers about travel experiences. Thanks for the post!

  5. I loved them all! I am going to Spain this Fall and this post got me really excited! Our cruise docks in Barcelona but I think the plan is to explore some outside areas. Any recommendations?

  6. yes Spain is great for this it is so big and so different that I often leave Alicante for example to go to Granada and have such a fantastic time, and all without leaving the country.

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