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7 Spanish Christmas Traditions to Celebrate This Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and today David shares some Christmas traditions in Spain that make it extra special! Spain is a country full of Christmas traditions, and some of them may surprise you. From December Fools’ Day to a pooping log and an intense national lottery,...
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Roscón de Reyes Recipe (Spanish Kings’ Cake)

Today David is preparing for the Spanish holidays with his roscón de reyes recipe! This popular Spanish kings’ cake starts making an appearance in pastry shop windows around this time of year (mid-November), and is the perfect snack alongside a thick cup of Spanish hot chocolate! If you’ve ever...
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Top 10 Popular Spanish Festivals

A massive tomato fight. Burning enormous, elaborate sculptures that take a year to build. Running with the bulls through city streets. The best Spanish festivals are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, and make worthy additions to any traveler’s bucket list. Spain’s reputation as a passionate, fun-loving destination is...
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An Insider’s Guide to Seafood in Spain

    Forget sunny beaches and scorching summer temperatures, in Spain seafood is a Christmas food. With many types of shellfish in season in December and oodles of holiday recipes calling for prawns and fish, the fish mongers are stocked up this month. But what are they selling? Read...
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Seville April Fair: Why it’s Not for Me!

Memories of Ferias Past Sometimes here in cosmopolitan Madrid I feel like I am living in a completely different country than only a few years ago, when I was happy residing in Seville, a mid-sized city in southern Spain. I especially feel the difference this week, when much of...
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