4 Places to See Authentic Flamenco in Granada You Can't Miss

4 Places to See Authentic Flamenco in Granada You Can’t Miss

Tragically beautiful vocals, expert guitar playing and passionate dance combine to create Andalusia’s most incredible art form: flamenco. Ask anyone to say the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Spain and this might just be the first thing that comes to mind. What started as a form of expression among outcast groups centuries ago in Seville has become an international phenomenon.

Unfortunately, many modern flamenco shows in Spain have become quite touristy, with little to no authentic passion and charm. Skip those and head to one of these truly authentic flamenco shows in Granada for a one-of-a-kind experience.

One of the essential things to do while in Spain is to see a flamenco show. But with so many geared towards tourists, how do you know you've found the real deal? #flamenco #dance #seville #sevilla #spain

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Where to see authentic flamenco in Granada

Albayzín district

One of the most iconic neighborhoods in all of Spain, Granada’s Albayzín is famous for its stunning panorama of whitewashed houses. It’s close to Sacromonte, but with the added bonus of some of Granada’s most famous viewpoints, such as the Mirador de San Nicolás. Flamenco in Granada, especially in this famous barrio, is a dime a dozen, but not all shows are created equal. Check out El Templo del Flamenco (Calle Pernaleros Alto, 41) or Jardines de Zoraya (Calle Panaderos, 32), both of which are beautiful, intimate venues that truly capture the passion of flamenco.

See flamenco in Granada at one of these intimate, authentic venues!
The beautiful art of flamenco is a passionate blend of dance and music.


If you head into the city center, you’ll find even more places to see flamenco in Granada. The best by far is La Casa del Arte Flamenco (Cuesta Gomérez, 11), where you’ll see a mindblowing, heart stopping performance by a talented crew of local artists. They’ve performed overseas and even as far as Asia! However, despite their international renown, the show is purely Andalusian—passionate, colorful and intimate.

Additionally, another wonderful venue in the city center is La Alboreá (Calle Pan, 3). In this cozy venue not far from Plaza Nueva, you’ll see incredible performances by some of the best artists in town. Many of them come from families in the Sacromonte area, which means that they were born and raised on flamenco. It’s truly one of the best and most authentic ways to experience flamenco in Granada.

Don't forget to pay attention to the music while watching flamenco in Granada!
Flamenco is about more than just dancing! The incredible sounds of the guitar will blow you away.

Sacromonte caves

The Sacromonte district features “cave houses” built directly into the hills, and is a popular place to see flamenco in Granada. Once a hidden gem, the flamenco shows in the area have now gotten a reputation as being quite touristy. While Sacromonte is a great choice for sunset views of the Alhambra, skip it for flamenco. Try some of the recommendations above instead.

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Catching an authentic flamenco show is an absolute must while in southern Spain. If your trip is taking you to Granada, these are a few of the places in town where you can an enjoy an unforgettable performance. You're going to understand immediately why this is one of the top things to do in Granada! #travelling #traveltip #granada #spain #europe #dance

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