Where to Eat Near Sacromonte: 5 Spots in Granada's Emblematic Barrio

Where to Eat Near Sacromonte: 5 Spots in Granada’s Emblematic Barrio

Granada’s storied Sacromonte district is a must for those seeking out fabulous flamenco and a unique peek at local life. The picturesque whitewashed cave houses are home to some of the most popular flamenco in Granada, making it a popular district among locals and tourists alike. Whether you plan on catching a show or simply came to wander around, you’ll be hungry at some point! Stop into one of these great places to eat near Sacromonte for a tasty and authentic meal you’ll never forget.

Some of the best views of Granada can be enjoyed in the historic Sacromonte district.
Beautiful natural landscapes and the Alhambra take center stage at Sacromonte’s beautiful miradores. Photo credit: Andersen Pecorone

Where to Eat Near Sacromonte in Granada

1. Casa Juanillo

As one of the only restaurants located in Sacromonte itself, you might think Casa Juanillo would be quite touristy, but fortunately the family-run place has held onto its granadino roots. While tourists do wander in from time to time, a large part of the clientele is local as well. The restaurant is small but cozy, offering great views of the Alhambra. This is where to eat near Sacromonte if you want simple, home cooked, traditional Andalusian food in this unique and emblematic district.

AddressCamino del Sacromonte, 83

If you're wondering where to eat near Sacromonte, head to Casa Juanillo and try their delicious pisto!
Casa Juanillo serves great pisto, a hearty vegetable dish similar to ratatouille.

2. Las Tomasas

Just a stone’s throw from Sacromonte and the Alhambra, you’ll find Las Tomasas. The food here is unforgettable, made with seasonal ingredients fresh from Granada’s markets, which means that the menu changes seasonally. The wine list is spectacular as well—pair all that with unbeatable Alhambra views and you’ve got your answer to where to eat near Sacromonte!

Address: Carril de San Agustín, 4

If you're wondering where to eat near Sacromonte, head to Las Tomasas just outside the popular barrio. The Alhambra views are incredible!
The views of the Alhambra from Las Tomasas are unbeatable!

3. Jardines de Zoraya

Spectacular food and passionate flamenco performances come together at Jardines de Zoraya, which is where to eat near Sacromonte for an experience of Andalusian culture you’ll never forget. The small, intimate venue draws your attention directly to the stage in the center. The fair prices, fantastic food and wine and authentic local atmosphere make it a must, and the flamenco performance is one of the best in the city, too!

Address: Calle Panaderos, 32

Not sure where to eat near Sacromonte? There are a few incredible places where you can enjoy a flamenco show while you eat.
Dinner and a show? Yes, please!

4. Venta El Gallo

Venta El Gallo is another great option for where to eat near Sacromonte if you’re interested in catching a flamenco show. As one of the few remaining authentic flamenco shows in Sacromonte itself, you’re in for a real treat if you stop here. The unique artistry combined with homestyle Andalusian cooking provide an unforgettable experience in a vibrant, colorful atmosphere that makes for a night you’ll remember forever.

Address: Barranco de los Negros, 5

If you're wondering where to eat near Sacromonte for delicious Andalusian food and a great flamenco show, head to Venta El Gallo!
Venta El Gallo focuses on traditional Andalusian cuisine, like refreshing salmorejo.

5. Mirador de Morayma

Mirador de Morayma‘s unique setting features elegance in the middle of natural beauty. Dine in their intimate, secluded garden as you enjoy traditional granadino cuisine and a delicious variety of wine. The restaurant itself is set in an authentic carmen, a traditional Granada-style house that provides an especially lovely old-world atmosphere. This is where to eat near Sacromonte if you want to escape the busy city and enjoy your meal in a peaceful setting that will make you feel at home.

AddressCalle Pianista García Carrillo, 2

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Not sure where to eat near Sacromonte? Here are some of the best options in this historic district.

Photo Credit: Charlie Jackson

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