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Side Dish

Looking for top-rated, authentic Spanish side dish recipes? My collection of the best Spanish side dishes includes classics like padron peppers and Spanish tortilla, as well as lesser-known Spanish-inspired sides like these creamy Manchego mashed potatoes and these delicious marinated carrots.

So whether you’re looking for a suggestion for your next Thanksgiving side dish or simply a Sunday dinner side — you’re in the right place! These typical Spanish side dish recipes are all simple, made mostly with pantry staples, and—most importantly—delicious. Give one of them a try to make your next meal extra impressive—and enjoy a taste of Spain while you’re at it!

Best Spanish Tortilla Recipe (Tortilla de Patatas)

Looking for an authentic Spanish tortilla recipe? My tortilla de patatas is the classic Spanish omelette recipe made with potatoes, eggs, onion, and olive oil — that’s it! In Spain, we eat tortilla de patatas all day long — it’s the perfect breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. So grab...
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Black Olive Tapenade Recipe

This delicious black olive tapenade hails from the Spanish island of Mallorca where it’s served as an appetizer with delicious homemade bread. To elevate your next meal, make this easy black olive pate from scratch. It’s perfect for a cheese platter too! Spain is home to hundreds of different olive...
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