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Top 12 Best Things to do in Madrid at Night

Ever since moving to Madrid in 2011, I’ve been telling people that this is the true “city that never sleeps”. There is truly something for everyone here, and at all hours. Today Lindsey shares some of the best things to do in Madrid at night– but rest assured that there are endless options if you keep looking!

After the sun goes down, the Spanish capital truly comes alive. Madrileños take to the streets, packing bars and restaurants both inside and out, before moving on to the city’s iconic nightlife scene.

With such a lively atmosphere everywhere you look, you’ll definitely want to get in on the fun. Here are some of the best things to do in Madrid at night to get you started. Whether you want to have a relaxed, easy night out or stay out dancing till dawn, some of these suggestions are sure to come in handy!

things to do in Madrid at night - group walking
Think again before heading in for the night—Madrid after dark is truly a special place.

Top 12 Things to Do in Madrid at Night

1. Visit a world-class museum for free

Why not start your evening out in Madrid with some culture?

The Reina Sofía Museum is many things: modern art wonderland, architectural marvel, and home to Picasso’s “Guernica” just to name a few. The best part is that it’s completely free to visit from 7–9 p.m. Get there before 7 (otherwise the line will be quite long) and enjoy two perfect hours exploring this artistic treasure. 

Madrid Reina Sofia Museum
Modern Art at Madrid’s Reina Sofia Museum

2. See the sunset from a rooftop bar

There’s something so inherently glamorous about enjoying the sunset with the city at your feet, cocktail or glass of wine in hand. Luckily, there are plenty of fabulous rooftop bars in Madrid where you can do just that. A select few, such as the Círculo de Bellas Artes terrace overlooking Gran Vía, cost a small fee to get in, but the vast majority are free to enter.

3. Catch a flamenco show…

Flamenco is one of the images most popularly associated with Spain, and for good reason. The passion, elegance and intensity make for the performance of a lifetime when done well.

It can be hard to find good quality flamenco in Madrid, but it does exist. Check out these tips for how to spot an authentic flamenco show in Spain, and these picks for where to find excellent flamenco in Madrid

things to do in Madrid at night - flamenco
It’s possible to find authentic flamenco in Madrid, but you might have to do some research.

4. …or another live music performance

Madrid is a music lover’s dream come true, with venues across the city showcasing rock, pop, jazz, soul and more just about every night of the week. Enjoy some tunes while relaxing on Marula Café‘s trendy terrace, or rock out into the early hours of the next morning at the Wurlitzer.

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5. Go sightseeing

Some of Madrid’s most iconic sights look their most beautiful after sunset. As you make your way across the city center, be sure to stop and admire the way Plaza Mayor looks all lit up at night, or marvel at the legendary Tio Pepe sign towering over Puerta del Sol.

As a bonus, fewer tourists tend to be out and about at night than during the day, so you likely won’t have to deal with as many crowds.

things to do in Madrid at night - group visiting the Plaza Mayor
It seems impossible, but Madrid somehow gets even more magical once night falls.

6. Sip on craft cocktails

Madrid isn’t all beer and wine! Spain is famous for its excellent gin tonics, but that’s far from the end-all-be-all of Madrid’s exciting cocktail scene. Head to 1862 Dry Bar (Calle del Pez, 27) for exquisite handcrafted cocktails in a cozy, intimate setting. Museo Chicote is another fabulous option, serving beautifully made drinks in a glamorous historic bar that was one of Hemingway’s favorite Madrid haunts.

One of our favorite places to drink cocktails and craft beer in Granada is Colagallo!
Masterfully prepared cocktails are worth seeking out in Madrid.

7. Dance until dawn

It would almost be a crime to talk about things to do in Madrid at night without mentioning the city’s legendary nightclub scene. From big names on the party scene like Kapital and Joy Eslava to smaller clubs like laid-back jazz venue Cafe Central, nightlife in Madrid offers something for everyone. 

8. Check out the theatre scene

Anyone who’s walked down Gran Vía has likely seen the large yellow billboard advertising the Lion King musical at Teatro Lope de Vega. While presented entirely in Spanish, there’s something magical about watching the beloved story come to life right before your eyes, and it’s familiar enough to many people that you’ll likely be able to follow what’s going on even if you don’t speak the language. Another fabulous pick for live entertainment is the Teatro Español right on Plaza Santa Ana, where you can catch everything from traditional Spanish performances to cutting-edge modern works. 

things to do in madrid at night - plaza santa ana
Plaza Santa Ana is a happening nightlife hangout in its own right. Photo credit: Edgardo W. Olivera

9. Enjoy a comedy show

Believe it or not, Madrid boasts a rich and varied comedy scene with plenty of groups offering performances in English. These standup and improv shows often draw a varied international crowd, providing a fun atmosphere in which to meet fellow travelers and expats. A few comedy groups even offer their own improv classes if you’re looking for a unique new activity to try. 

10. Snack on late-night churros and chocolate

There’s really no wrong time of day to eat churros. You can have them for breakfast, as a midday snack, or even late at night as you’re coming home from drinking and dancing. Located right in the city center just off of Plaza Mayor, the iconic Chocolatería San Ginés is open 24 hours a day, providing sweet pick-me-ups to dozens of revelers every night. 

With their iconic churros, Casa Aranda is a must for brunch in Malaga!
Nothing tastes better than churros and hot chocolate after a night out!

11. Take a solo tapas crawl…

With dinners often starting well past 10 p.m., Spain’s dining scene is a major player in its vibrant late-night atmosphere. Bars and restaurants throughout the capital often close hours after their counterparts in other countries.

Join the locals (yes, it’s late, but hopefully your mid-afternoon merienda can hold you over) for one of Spain’s most beloved foodie traditions: the almighty tapas crawl. Remember that the concept of tapas in Spain doesn’t necessarily refer to the size of the plates—it’s a full social experience made better by sharing food with good company.

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12. …or do it with an expert!

For the uninitiated, braving a crowded tapas bar solo can be intimidating. That’s where Devour Madrid comes in.

Join a small group of fellow foodies and a passionate local guide for an evening of gastronomic delights as you sip and snack your way across the Spanish capital. The Tapas, Taverns & History Tour will whisk you back in time at the places that have helped shaped Madrid’s cuisine throughout the decades (or even centuries, in some cases!). And if you can’t imagine a night out without plenty of wine, the Evening Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour will be right up your alley. Both experiences will give you all the confidence you need to handle even the most happening Madrid tapas bar like a seasoned pro. 

What’s your best tip for enjoying Madrid at night? Any favorite bars, restaurants, or clubs? Share below!

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Travel is all about seeing a city or destination at its liveliest. In Madrid, that means after sunset. Spain's capital is known for its nightlife, but there are plenty more activities you can enjoy as well if you're not into the nightclub scene. Check out these things to do in Madrid at night and get ready for a perfect evening out! #Madrid


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  1. Madrid ain’t the late night city it used to be. It’s late hours used to put any other city to shame.
    Nowadays, many cities are on par or superior when it comes to options late at night.

  2. Love this post for the tips especially Chocolateria San Gines. We also tried the Mercado San Miguel both having an incredible variety of tasty treats. We also used the magazine Tapas for ideas in and around Madrid. We stayed near the Atocha train station and visited the museums close by and the Parque de El Retiro. Love this city!

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