4 Places to Buy Jamón Ibérico in Granada: Discover Spain's Culinary Gem

4 Places to Buy Jamón Ibérico in Granada: Discover Spain’s Culinary Gem

It’s no secret that Spain is famous for its cured ham, and Granada is home to some of the best. It’s true—jamón de Trevélez, cured to perfection in the nearby Alpujarras mountains, is considered to be among the highest quality hams in Spain. However, you can’t go wrong with nearly any jamón you try in Spain. If you’re wondering where to buy jamón ibérico in Granada, here’s where you’ll find it.

Dig into a plate of delicious Spanish ham at one our favorite historical bars in Santiago!
Perfectly sliced delicious Spanish ham!

Where to Buy Jamón Ibérico in Granada

1. Jamón, Vino y Delicatessen

If you’re looking to buy jamón ibérico in Granada, Jamón, Vino y Delicatessen should be your first stop. This fabulous gourmet shop specializes in the highest quality local products, as its name (“ham, wine and deli”) implies. What stands out most is their ham selection, which is among the best in the city. Every once in a while, they even offer demonstrations where you can learn the fine art of slicing jamón. They even host tastings of some of their delicious products!

AddressCalle Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, 19

If you want to buy jamón ibérico in Granada and maybe even learn to cut it yourself, head to Jamón, Vino y Delicatessen!
Learn how to cut your own jamón at Jamón, Vinos y Delicatessen!

2. Contreras Selectos

Another one of our favorite places to buy jamón ibérico in Granada is Contreras Selectos. This gourmet grocery store is small and cozy, with a friendly and knowledgeable owner who will let you try the products before you buy them (just ask!). They have a delicious variety of hams and other cured meats and deli products. Pick up some ham, cheese and wine from here, then take yourself on a picnic in one of the lovely parks in Granada.

AddressPaseo del Salón, 8

Contreras Selectos is one of the places to buy jamón ibérico in Granada.
Sherry, cheese and jamón: an Andalusian trifecta!

3. Tienda Hallamohe

For more than 20 years, Tienda Hallamohe has been a local favorite place to buy jamón ibérico in Granada. This friendly, family-run shop specializes in high-quality hams from the Granada region, but they also feature a lovely variety of gourmet products from all over Spain. If you can’t stop by to buy some jamón yourself while you’re in town, they also offer international shipping at very competitive prices!

AddressCalle Doctor Alejandro Otero, Edificio Zafiro, 5, local 7

There are so many great places to buy jamón ibérico in Granada. Be sure to check some of them out!
Pass the ham, please!

3. Mariscal Delicatessen

In addition to being a popular cafe and tapas bar, Mariscal Delicatessen is also one of the best places to buy jamón ibérico in Granada. This award-winning deli and bar is home to some of the best ham in the city. Eat it there with the locals or take it home to enjoy later. Their friendly, knowledgable team truly knows their stuff and is happy to answer any questions you may have about their products.

AddressCarrera de la Virgen, 12

Mariscal Delicatessen is a cafe, bar, and one of the best places to buy jamón ibérico in Granada.
Enjoy a glass of wine and some jamón at the bar when you visit Mariscal Delicatessen.

4. Mercado San Agustín

In addition to being Granada’s top market, the Mercado San Agustín is also a great place to buy jamón ibérico in Granada. Pick up some cured-to-perfection ham and other local gourmet goodies as you make your way through the stalls. If you get hungry, there are also a handful of delightful bars and restaurants inside the market as well. If you want to truly experience an integral part of local culture as you buy jamón ibérico in Granada, this is your best bet.

AddressPlaza de San Agustín, s/n

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