6 Awesome Free Things to Do in Malaga You Won't Want to Miss

6 Awesome Free Things to Do in Malaga You Won’t Want to Miss

 This blog post was originally posted on March 30, 2016 and was updated on November 16, 2017.

Malaga is one of southern Europe’s most vibrant cities. Every year more restaurants and museums open their doors, and as a result, more people visit and have a chance to discover how great this city really is—a great development for Malaga as an upcoming tourist destination. And while there are a lot of  great things to see, do, and eat, this doesn’t mean you need a lot of money to enjoy the city. Here’s how to enjoy the best of Malaga on a budget.

Top 6 Free Things to Do in Malaga

1. Enjoy nature at a colorful garden

Malaga’s city center is lively, but peace and quiet are just a stone’s throw away. Just outside the center, near the main road and the harbor, you’ll find a beautiful botanic garden known simply as el parque, or “the park.”

The park was created in the late 1800s by a businessman who wanted to have a free park in Malaga, and his vision remains a reality more than a century later. The 300-meter-long green space is home to flowers, trees, and plants from every corner of the globe. As you walk amongst the fountains and beautiful statues, you’ll almost feel as if you’ve entered a different world.

Once you’ve visited el parque, don’t miss the nearby rose garden (with 75 different types of roses, some even named after famous people like Antonio Banderas!) and the Jardines de Puerta Oscura right beside it up a zig-zag staircase.

The colorful rose garden and park are two awesome and free things to visit in Malaga
The colorful gardens in Malaga. Photo credit: albyantoniazzi

2. Check out a great view

Not only is Malaga an absolutely gorgeous city at ground level, it looks even more stunning from above. There are a lot of great miradores, or viewpoints, to discover in Malaga, where you can take Instagram-worthy pictures that are sure to give all your followers FOMO. But one mirador in particular stand out: as you make your way through the Jardines de Puerta Oscura, you’ll be on your way to Malaga’s best viewpoint.

From here, you can see the harbor and the sea, the park, the rose garden and also emblematic buildings like the city hall and the bullring. Take a seat and relax, have a drink and let life pass by.

One of the best free things to do in Malaga is climb to the viewpoints to get views like this!
Checking out the bullring from Malaga’s best viewpoint! Photo credit: Allan Watt

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3. Go to the beach

Many visitors come to Malaga due to its status as the capital of the Costa del Sol, so it’s no surprise that one of the best free things to do in Malaga is to hit the beach. Have a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean, take a long walk, or simply relax and work on your tan (but don’t forget your sunscreen!). The beach and the boulevard continue for kilometers, so get yourself a bicycle and go exploring.

Spending time at the beach is one of the best free things to do in Malaga!
Spending time at the beach is a great free thing to do in Malaga! Photo credit: audi_insperation

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4. Visit Malaga’s Harbour

Malaga’s port area has undergone a massive facelift since the 1990s. Today, it’s a wonderful marvel of modern architecture—and completely free to explore. All day long, you’ll be able to spot cruise ships and impressive boats docking here, but it’s actually one of the best places in town to watch a beautiful sunset.

Taking a walk down by the harbor is one of the great free things to do in Malaga!
Taking a walk down by Malaga’s harbor is a great free thing to do in the city. Photo credit: Nick Kenrick

5. Get into Malaga’s art museums

If you are lucky enough to be in Malaga on a Sunday, you can visit many of the city’s museums for free. Art lovers won’t want to miss the Picasso Museum, the modern-art haven Centre Pompidou or the Carmen Thyssen Museum, which shows off 19th-century Andalusian paintings.

Insider’s tip: If you aren’t in town on a Sunday, don’t worry—the Contemporary Art Center is open for free all year round. This museum is located in the Soho district, which is also home to some pretty incredible street art.

Visiting the Pompidou Center is one of the great free things to do in Malaga on Sunday!
The colorful entrance to Malaga’s Pompidou Center is hard to miss. Photo credit: Martha de Jong-Lantink

6. Visit a historic monument

Free entrance on Sundays isn’t restricted to the museums—some of Malaga’s most famous and historic sights are open for free that day as well. The Moorish wonder that is the Alcazaba, located right in the city center, dates back to the 10th century and has beautiful floral patios and Arabic architecture. Another Moorish monument is Gibralfaro Castle, which sits atop a hill near the city center surrounded by high defense walls that you can walk around. If Roman history is your thing, the Roman Theater is, in fact, free to enter all the time.

Insider’s Tip: If you aren’t in Malaga on a Sunday, most museums and monuments are free after 6 p.m. in summer and 4 p.m. in winter.

One of the best free things to do in Malaga is visit the Alcazaba . It is free on Sundays, so you'll have to time your visit right!
The Alcazaba is one of Malaga’s greatest monuments, and is free to visit on Sundays! – Photo Credit: manuelfloresv

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Malaga is one of Spain's most happening cities, and the best part is that you don't need a ton of money to make the most of it. Here are six fabulous free things to do in Malaga to help make the most of the city without breaking the bank.

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  1. My wife and myself only discovered Malaga about 6years ago when our daughter won a weekend for 2 on our local radio station .we go back 3times a year since for Malaga Christmas lights ,samana Santa and a week in Sep .so clean and safe love Malaga

  2. This is a fantastic roundup of things to do in Malaga. It really is accurate. I live in Malaga City just near Gibralfaro and all the activities listed on here are great things to do. It really is a wonderful city and exposure with articles like this is great for the tourism here.

    I recommend this website for paid activities: Things to Do In Malaga

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