5 Fabulous Wine Tastings in Granada All Wine Lovers Should Experience

5 Fabulous Wine Tastings in Granada All Wine Lovers Should Experience

Granada’s relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect setting for enjoying wine—and while you’re at it, why not learn more about what you’re drinking? Granada is one of the best cities in Spain for a fabulous wine tasting. Its abundance of small, locally owned wine shops and bars mean that you’ll be getting a truly authentic experience. Head to one of these wonderful wine tastings in Granada and discover your new favorite wine.

wine tastings in Granada
Sometimes you can’t go wrong with a classic Rioja!

The Best Wine Tastings in Granada

1. Petra Vinos

If anyone knows their stuff about wine, it’s Fuensanta, owner of Petra Vinos. Her decades of experience in the wine industry mean that she knows each label in the shop like the back of her hand, and the shop itself is a multicultural, multifunctional space based entirely around wine. The unique tastings here tend to focus on one international winemaking region (such as Chile or France), or local Spanish bodegas. It’s one of the top wine tastings in Granada due to the sheer variety of wines and creative themes.

Address: Calle Tendillas de Santa Paula, 2

Rioja and Ribera are great, but there are so many other red wines to discover at wine tastings in Granada.
Big, bold Spanish reds are always a hit at wine tastings.

2. Vinoteca La Cata con Botas

La Cata con Botas is home to a wonderful selection of wines from all over the world, but they truly shine when it comes to wines produced in the Granada region. These special wine tastings in Granada usually focus on smaller, local bodegas from the local area. They also host other events, such as olive oil tastings, to help you brush up on your gastronomic knowledge.

AddressCalle Paz, 4

Wine tastings in Granada are a great way to learn about wines from all over the world as well as from the region of Granada itself.
Grab your favorite traveling companion and head to a wine tasting together.

3. Contreras Selectos

Contreras Selectos isn’t just home to some of the best wine tastings in Granada. With a wonderful selection of local deli products such as cured meats and cheeses as well, they offer all kinds of fabulous tastings. Their beautiful new tasting space makes for the perfect place to try some of Granada’s best wines. If you like what you try, be sure to purchase a bottle to take home—their prices are very fair considering the high quality of the products.

AddressPaseo del Salón, 8

Contreras Selectos isn't just home to one of the best wine tastings in Granada. They also have a wonderful selection of local deli products to try!
Cured meats and Andalusian wine make a perfect start to your tapas crawl.

4. Al Sur de Granada

Al Sur de Granada hosts some of the best wine tastings in Granada because they feature other delicious local products alongside the wine! They host wine and cheese tastings, wine and chocolate tastings, and even more foodie events fairly regularly. All of the products are local and all-natural, so you can feel good about what you’re tasting.

AddressCalle Elvira, 150

5. La Tana

Wine expert Jesús, one of Spain’s youngest top sommeliers, runs the show at La Tana. Beloved by locals and visitors alike, this lovely little wine bar offers personalized tastings to guests. Jesús and his staff will welcome you like an old friend and offer wines to taste by the glass based on what you typically like. The homemade tapas are incredible here as well!

AddressPlaceta del Agua, 3

La Tana is home to incredible personalized wine tastings in Granada as well as fantastic tapas!
Tapas and wine are a match made in heaven. Pass the croquetas!

Want more wine? Check out the top wine bars in Granada, or one of these great wine shops in Granada.

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Discover the fabulous world of Spanish wine at one of these excellent wine tastings in Granada.

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