Valencia Gift Guide: 5 Gourmet Foodie Gifts to Buy

Valencia Gift Guide: 5 Gourmet Foodie Gifts to Buy

Valencian cuisine is a unique, delicious mix of Moorish, Catalan and regional influences, making it one of Spain’s most diverse gastronomical scenes. After devouring Valencia for yourself this winter, why not share the love? This Valencia gift guide features five favorite local products that will make everyone’s tastebuds happy.

Valencia Gift Guide: Top Gourmet Gifts

1. Turrón

At the top spot on this Valencia gift guide is Spain’s all-time favorite holiday treat! Turrón is a nougat-based sweet that hails from the Valencian town of Jijona. While traditional recipes are quite simple (eggs, honey, almonds and sugar), nowadays there are dozens of delicious varieties. Find some of the best in town at Turrones Ramos (Calle Sombrerería, 11).

Spain's favorite holiday treat, turrón, takes the top spot on our Valencia gift guide!
So many delicious flavors of turrón! Who could pick just one?

2. Buñuelos/bunyols

These yummy little fritters are especially popular during the Las Fallas festival, but who says you have to wait until March to eat them? Buñuelos, or bunyols in Valencian, are delicious dough balls made with a dash of pumpkin and fried to sugary-sweet perfection. It’s one of the most beloved desserts from Valencia and a perfect holiday treat!

Buñuelos, or bunyols, are a favorite treat in Valencia and a must in our Valencia gift guide!
Who’s up for some bunyols

3. Horchata

This delicious vegan-friendly milk is experiencing a surge in popularity all over the world, but horchata has its roots right here in Valencia. While you can find it in any supermarket, pick some up at a local horchatería to support Valencian businesses (and while you’re there, treat yourself to a nice cool glass along with some fartons!).

It wouldn't be a Valencia gift guide without horchata! This delicious vegan milk is gaining popularity all over the world.
Nothing beats a cool glass of horchata with sugary-sweet fartons.

4. Marcona almonds

A handful of almonds is a quick and easy healthy snack. Put a Valencian twist on this salty treat and try some Marcona almonds! These soft almonds—grown right here in Valencia—have a more delicate, buttery taste than traditional almendras. They’re especially delicious roasted in olive oil and sprinkled with a dash of sea salt.

Marcona almonds are the perfect addition to our Valencia gift guide. We could eat them by the handful!
Marcona almonds are a seriously addicting snack!

5. Valencian cava

Bring home the bubbly just in time for New Year’s Eve! Cava, Spain’s answer to champagne, isn’t as popular as its French cousin, but it’s just as delicious and often less expensive. While most cavas come from Catalonia, just north of Valencia, this region is home to quite a few producers of this sparkling wine. One of the best cava regions is the town of Requena, just a quick day trip from Valencia.

Last but not least in our Valencia gift guide, we have Spain's favorite sparkling wine! Bring home a bottle of cava for your holiday toast this year.
Nothing against champagne, but when in Spain…

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Bring the flavors of Valencia home for the holidays! Our Valencia gift guide includes 5 foodie treats everyone will love.

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