Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Granada That are Worth the Hype

Time is precious, especially on vacation.

Nothing is worse than visiting a highly hyped attraction only to end up disappointed. While many sights are a matter of personal taste, there are several in Granada that are worth every bit of the attention they get. These tourist attractions in Granada are popular for a reason. Once you go, you’ll see why they’re worth the hype!

Some sights, unfortunately, aren't worth the hype. Luckily, these tourist attractions in Granada don't fall into that category! Here are 5 of the city's best sights that are popular for good reason.

1. The Alhambra

No list of tourist attractions in Granada would be complete without this gem! As one of the most incredible sights in Spain (and all of Europe), this is THE must-do in Granada. The Alhambra‘s exquisite palaces, lush gardens and shining Moorish courtyards have all been preserved with outstanding care.

During your visit (we recommend at least 3 hours for the full experience), you’ll step back in time to the 14th century. When you step back out into 2017 at the end, you’ll feel as if you experienced life in Moorish Granada firsthand.

Insider’s Tip: Rather than wandering around this marvelous construction solo, book a guided visit. Your expert guide will make history come alive!

Address: Calle Real de la Alhambra, s/n

The beautiful gardens inside the Alhambra are just one aspect of one of the top tourist attractions in Granada!
The colorful Generalife gardens inside the Alhambra are perfectly tranquil.

2. Cathedral and Royal Chapel

Granada’s cathedral is an early Renaissance masterpiece. Many of the details show just how much architect Diego de Siloé was ahead of his time. The Cathedral also hosts the Royal Chapel, although you have to visit both structures separately. The Royal Chapel is the resting place of the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella, who seized Granada from Moorish control in 1492 and reunited Spain as one country. In addition to their crypt, you can also visit a museum and see many of their personal belongings.

Address: Calle Gran Vía de Colón, 5

The city's cathedral and Royal Chapel are easily one of the top tourist attractions in Granada, and both are worth the hype!
The architecture of Granada’s cathedral features marvelous attention to detail.

3. Monastery of St. Jerome

Just one look at this marvelous monastery will make it clear why this is one of the best tourist attractions in Granada! This masterpiece of the Spanish Renaissance was designed by the same architect who built the cathedral. Don’t miss the peaceful cloisters and magnificent attention to detail. You can also visit the tomb of the great captain of the Moorish wars, Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, and his wife.

Address: Calle Rector López Argueta, 9

4. The viewpoints in the Albayzín

The iconic Albayzín neighborhood is the most famous in Granada. Perched on a hill across from the Alhambra, you can imagine the stunning views that are visible from here.

Insider’s Tip: Catch the sunset from one of the Albayzín’s many miradores! However, don’t just head to the most famous ones. Get lost in the charming cobblestone streets of this picturesque barrio and find one of the less packed viewpoints.

One of the top tourist attractions in Granada isn't a specific place, but rather the many incredible viewpoints in the Albayzín!
The sunset views from the Albayzín are unbeatable!

5. The tapas crawl

Tapas crawling is an essential Granada experience! As one of the city’s biggest cultural prides, it’s a must on any list of tourist attractions in Granada. While these tasty small plates are famous all over Spain, the tapas scene in Granada is the most iconic. According to the locals, “Granada never sleeps”—so why not join in on a night of delicious fun?

Tapas crawling is one of the essential tourist "attractions" in Granada!
Enjoy tasty tapas and fresh drinks on one of Granada’s many picturesque terraces.

With so many tapas bars to choose from in Granada, it can be a little overwhelming! And as visitors, sometimes it’s hard to know which places are the real deal. Avoid the tourist traps and step into Granada’s most authentic bars and restaurants when you join us on a food tour. You’ll eat your way around Granada like a local and create unforgettable (and delicious!) memories to remember forever!

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