Lauren Aloise, Author at Spanish Sabores

Spanish Rice with Mushrooms and Manchego

This easy recipe for Spanish rice with mushrooms and Manchego cheese is one of my favorite quick, mid-week dinners. The texture is soupy and creamy — similar to a risotto with a bit more broth. Here in Spain, we’d call it an arroz caldoso (a soupy rice) and it’s...
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Spanish Bull Tail Stew (Rabo de Toro Recipe)

One of the most delicious cold-weather dishes in Spain is bull tail (nowadays oxtail) stew. This easy rabo de toro recipe is a Spanish classic, served in traditional restaurants throughout the country. You can make it at home with my mother-in-law's traditional recipe.
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Chicken in Almond Sauce Recipe (Pollo en Pepitoria)

This traditional Spanish chicken stew is called pollo en pepitoria and has a unique almond and saffron sauce that’s creamy and delicious. It’s one of my favorite Spanish chicken dishes for any occasion. Cooking is my therapy. I love every minute of it— from buying the right ingredients to...
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13 Spanish Foods to Warm You Up This Winter

Traditional winter food in Spain is comfort food at its very best! Think warm and delicious mugs of hot chocolate, piping hot stews, and soupy rice. Read on for the best of Spanish winter dishes (and recipes!). Update Notice: This post was originally published on December 8, 2014 and...
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