Lauren Aloise, Author at Spanish Sabores

Best Lemon Olive Oil Cake

This is my favorite summer cake recipe! It's perfect on its own or served with whipped cream and fresh summer berries. This Spanish lemon olive oil cake is easy to make and packed with lemon flavor. It's extra moist from the addition of ground almonds. Try it today --...
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Easy White Sangria Recipe

If you love a glass of cold, refreshing sangria then my white sangria recipe is for you! A combination of fresh fruit, white wine, liquor, and sugar creates the most delicious white wine sangria cocktail for cooling off on a hot day. Try to have just one glass!
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Spanish Paella Recipe (Paella Valenciana)

What is the most authentic Spanish paella recipe? It's a controversial subject! But this classic paella Valenciana recipe is the traditional chicken paella that many call the original. It combines chicken and either pork ribs or rabbit (your choice!) with green beans, butter beans, garlic, paprika, and saffron.
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