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Caldo de Pollo Recipe (Spanish Broth)

This easy and delicious caldo de pollo recipe makes the perfect Spanish broth. This flavorful chicken bone broth can be enjoyed plain, used as a base for Spanish chicken soup, or used as homemade chicken stock in any recipe. Caldo de pollo is simple to make from scratch, and...
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25 Delicious Vegetarian Tapas Recipes

I always get asked: what do vegetarians eat in Spain? It's a valid question. Tapas menus are often full of pork and seafood dishes, but vegetarians traveling in Spain need not worry. There are plenty of great vegetarian tapas recipes out there (and even some delicious vegan options!) if...
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Apple Olive Oil Cake Recipe

Today I share my mother-in-law’s famous apple olive oil cake recipe. This is one of my all-time favorite afternoon snacks. The moist, delicate olive oil cake and tart apple flavor make the perfect combination. The first time I tried this delicious Spanish apple olive oil cake was when I...
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Pear Tart Recipe

Forget time-consuming crusts and fiddly custards. This easy pear tart recipe comes together in less than 10 minutes using a blender. Quick, easy, and impressive -- it's the perfect easy tart for any day of the week.
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