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Hiking in Madrid: Cercedilla

Los Miradores Trail in Cercedilla   Hoping to escape the brutal Madrid heat, Ale and I headed out last Friday for a short hike in the Madrid mountains, La Sierra de Guadarrama. I figured that if we went high enough, it might even get chilly (I packed a sweater...
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Bocaos: Best Bites in Burgos

Bring Your Appetite to Bocaos Restaurant Burgos was the first stop on our road trip, and it didn’t disappoint. Known for fantastic Spanish classics like Queso de Burgos (a delicious fresh cheese), Morcilla de Burgos (black pudding with rice) and top quality oven roasted meats, I should have known...
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Burgos on a Budget

A few weeks ago I described a road trip I had planned: Madrid – Zaragoza – Logroño – Burgos – Madrid. Since Ale had to work in Zaragoza, we figured it would be a great opportunity to visit some parts of Spain we hadn’t yet been to. As usual, our...
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Giving Up Driving in Spain

When a Car Is No Longer a Necessity I remember the first time I drove a car. I was sixteen years old and had just gotten my driver’s permit (a pass/fail computer exam). I got into the car with my father, eager to learn this essential adult skill. As...
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