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Walk into any given bar in the Basque Country and you’ll likely spot rows upon rows of elaborately decorated little bites skewered atop slices of bread adorning the bartop. These are known as pintxos, and though they often look fancy, they’re quite easy to make at home with these Basque pintxos recipes!

Some of the most beloved pintxos are also the simplest. The gilda—said to be the first pintxo ever invented—is made by simply sliding ingredients onto a toothpick, but makes a fantastic party appetizer that everyone will rave about. Learn how to put your own gildas together with my gilda recipe!

Though it’s hard to beat the gilda when it comes to ease and prep time, most other Basque pintxos are also incredibly simple yet produce impressive results. A few of my go-to favorites are garlic shrimp pintxos and smoked salmon and cream cheese pintxos. Both are perfect for serving a crowd or even just for making your own family meal a little extra special!

Bacon Wrapped Dates Recipe (Dátiles Rellenos)

Learn the secrets to this delicious and simple Spanish pintxo recipe that I've made for countless gatherings at home: bacon wrapped dates stuffed with cheese. These are some of the most satisfying, quick, and easy appetizers you can imagine! You can bake them in the oven or even throw...
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10 Easy & Delicious Pintxos Recipes

If you visit the Basque Country, one thing becomes especially clear. The Basque people really know how to eat!  From San Sebastian to Bilbao, Basques pride themselves on their love of food, and their ability to cook it well. As a result, even the rest of Spain has to...
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Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Pintxo

Today David is back, sharing another pintxos recipe. This smoked salmon and cream cheese pintxo is typical in the Basque Country and is absolutely delicious. Pintxos are Basque appetizers with style. Every tapas bar in the País Vasco, from San Sebastian to Bilbao, has counters filled with these tasty morsels...
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