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What to See in Toledo: 16 Can’t Miss Sights

Wondering what to see in Toledo? Spain expert Ewan breaks down the top sights! Perched majestically on the banks of the river Tagus, Toledo is truly a city of three cultures. Medieval Jewish and Muslim heritage sits side-by-side with Christian churches in this “Imperial City”. At the peak of...
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The Best Places to See Flamenco in Granada

Before I moved to Spain, I was already familiar with some of the country’s most common stereotypes… tapas, bullfighting, and of course flamenco. But upon arrival, I found that each of these clichés was much more complex than most foreigners ever realize. Although I’m obviously obsessed with tapas (who...
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Graffiti in Granada

In a very last minute decision last week, I boarded an Alsa bus down to Granada. My sister and brother-in-law were in town visiting, and our plans for an overnight in Cuenca quickly turned into an AirBnB reservation for two nights in the Albaicín. I wasn’t complaining– Granada is...
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