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20 Best Spanish Cookbooks

Spanish food has gained more and more international fame over the past few years. At its heart, its beauty comes from the use of simple ingredients and cooking methods to achieve deliciously memorable results. In other words, that means that Spanish food is incredibly easy to recreate at home....
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Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

This moist and flavorful chocolate olive oil cake is a true crowdpleaser. If you love quick and easy snacking cakes, this is the one to bookmark! It's full of dark chocolate flavor and a subtle hint of olive oil. You can choose to frost it, but I prefer just...
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Andalusian Food: The Ultimate Guide + Recipes

From the tapas traditions of Granada to the sunny terraces of Seville, the south of Spain is filled to the brim with essential experiences for food lovers. In this post, we'll reveal the secrets of Andalusian food, beginning with Andalusia's culinary history and can't-miss dishes—plus simple recipes to recreate...
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Guide to Spanish Olive Oil

If you live in Spain, it's impossible for olive oil not to be a part of your daily life. We douse our toast with it for breakfast, swirl it over our salads for lunch, and begin practically every recipe with it for dinner.
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Seafood Paella Recipe

There is no dish more famous than this Spanish seafood paella recipe. Read on to discover how to make the perfect paella for seafood lovers. It's easier than you may think!
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